YouTube Videos – Paul Andert

“You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from.”

-Paul Andert




Paul gives his thoughts and reflections in a series of short videos below.


Video #1: WHY? – My Thoughts and Reflections on my service during WW2


Video #2: – WHY? – The WW2 Memorial:  Note: You will hear Paul say several times “The Washington Monument” – However,  he actually means “THE WW2 MEMORIAL” –  “I’m ready to debate anyone, BRING IT ON ATHEISTS…” – Paul Andert 


Video #3: WHY? – When I first started speaking in the schools. What the kids really want to know.


Video # 4: WHY? –God,  Family, Duty, Honor and Country


Video #5: WHY? – My thoughts on being an advisor to the Movie FURY Starring Brad Pitt.


Video #6: WHY? – My Entrance Into Germany – WW2


Video #7: WHY? – Dynamite Dean & Meeting My Wife


Video #8: WHY? – My Entrance Into Germany Continues…


Video #9: WHY? – The Battle of the Bulge

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