The Red White and Blue


The Red,White, and Blue

The colors of the flag

Are red, white, and blue

It’s justice, purity, and honor

And it proudly flies for me and you

It represents those in the past

and those in the future still,

they make their choices

and do their deeds by Uncle Sam’s will.

Some made choices of bravery

and some did give their life,

But all, we do honor

for their personal sacrifice

For Freedom is a special gift

From veterans I’m told,

It’s not to be lost 

And certainly not sold.

Whether on land or sea

This land we shall defend

It is a fight for you and me

And we will win in the end.

So as the colors are raised

For all of us to see,

Let us truly Thank God,

For this is “The Land of the Free”

-Linda Blackford- Freedom Elementary–Nov. 11, 2004


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