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Brad Pitt Honoring the Troops at Ft. Benning, GA Oct. 2014 after the Opening of FURY–


Paul Shares his Thoughts on Fury

One of the reasons I wrote my book is  I wanted people to know what WAR is  REALLY like, that’s why I titled my book—UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN THERE.

As an infantry Plt. Sgt I saw many atrocities. Some are mentioned in my book, others are not for a reason. You have to think about the family members of those who died. It’s best not to talk about some horrors of war.

In the movie, FURY you are going to see many situations that could have happened during war. If we did not know our enemy and fight dirtier than the enemy, we would not have won WWII.

Patton’s rule was always to know the enemy’s battle plan so that you could get down in the dirt with them.

Patton’s belief and quote was —-“Don’t you die for your country, let the enemy die for his .”

Patton’s words were: “You shoot first  – then find out who they were if they could still talk.”

Many articles are going to come out about the horrors of war and the atrocities that happened during WWII in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, the CBI (Burma, China and India) with the release of  FURY.

It’s very unfortunate that very few of those who faced the enemy have spent any time conveying to those who followed us what war was REALLY like.

Anything and everything is possible during war.

We called ourselves “savages” during this time. One minute your fighting in the heaviest fighting, the next minute when the fighting was over, we returned to being “human beings” again.

During a rest period we would sit there and look at what we had just done and knowing that it was necessary  in order to win the war. We were trained this way before the war began.


When the first  bullet goes past your ear –it’s fight or flight –and you stay in that mode til you realize the war is over and it necessarily isn’t over when the war is “officially” over and you go home.

When I came home, I had what was called “combat fatigue” which is now known as War PTSD  (post-traumatic stress disorder).

After I came home, I used to just take off and walk, I would walk everywhere for hours. I didn’t even know what I was looking for.

 I know that it caused my family (especially my mother) concern during this time, but it was all I knew to do.


HOW TO WIN THE CURRENT WAR:  I once wrote Tom Brokaw explaining that the “Greatest Generation” should have been called the “Dirtiest Generation” because we had to get down in the dirt to win. Gen. Patton told us, “We have our plan, but you must know the enemy’s plan and use his plan to defeat them.”


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  1. Uncle Paul….Doug and I took the girls to see Fury last night. We loved the movie. We are so proud of you.

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