For Our Children We Fight

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How many countries have had a taste of freedom, and either willingly started or resumed a life of totalitarian rule? It is my opinion children are born with an  innate sense of freedom. Everyone on earth should enjoy this taste  One surefire way t o make this happen is by raising our children with correct priorities: God, Family, Duty, Honor and Country.

Today it is very difficult getting past priority number one: God, God-fearing people founded our country as a Republic. People, who take freedom for granted, have no problem interpreting the Bible and Constitution to suit their own iniquitous and nefarious needs. Because most parents, teachers, politicians have their own priority’s skewed, many children today are worshiping the ‘American Idol’ winner and getting their ‘important’ news from Entertainment Tonight.’

What an incredible opportunity Paul Andert has given me to type this book. His first book, “Unless You Have Been There’ is an excellent road. It’s about his experience as an infantryman during War II. I accompanied Paul and other WWII Vets to many of our public and private schools. I have witnessed their expressions of amazement and disbelief  firsthand.

The children have a chance to learn from living history because courageous people like the WWII Vets of Tulsa will tell them – given them opportunity.

Each successive generation after the greatest, has gotten worse. Can we possibly have another great generation? After observing these kids, I believe it is very possible. America is the greatest country in the world. With their help, we patriots wish to keep it that way. Accompanying the WWII Vets of Tulsa has been the greatest honor of my life.

The publication was arranged through the efforts of Paul Andert, WWII Vet and Philip Kucher, Gulf War and Operation Iraq Freedom Vet.

Members of WWII Vets of Tulsa, who participated in classroom presentation over the last 10 years, were asked to submit letters they received over the years. We selected 355 for publication. We had received more than 1000 letters and drawings, with more coming in.

Some vets have passed away and others did not save their letters. We selected from those available.