The American Flag by Jon Mc’Naughton



About the painting:  I had a vision of a family gathered around an American flag. Not just any flag, but that of a fallen serviceman, a father, a son, a daughter; the kind of flag that would be laid over a casket with great reverence. 

But upon examining the flag, one can see that it is in horrible condition. Its colors are faded, the edges are torn and there are many holes.

It has been trampled and has not been treated with the honor and respect, which it deserves. Today, our nation is in disarray.

Our Constitution has been trampled, our financial solvency is in question, our military is compromised, and the decline of the moral fabric of our society is in question.

Our government has lost the trust of the people. Our courts do not uphold the Constitution and the American people are afraid for the future of their children. What will it take to mend the nation? I think that the American spirit is alive and if we muster enough courage and commitment it can be done.
The last time I saw such courage was after 9/11 when the country came together for a common good. If we are going to rebuild America I believe it will take FIVE VALUES. Courage, Family, Hope, Faith, and Love; each value is required to make it work—remove one and the whole system fails. In this painting, each member of the family represents a different value.
Learn about each value by moving your cursor across the painting on the interactive website. ( Together we can move forward in “Mending the Nation.” Answers to Questions Regarding “Mending the Nation.”
Why are they all white?
These people represent a family. It could as well have been a Hispanic or Black family, but the purpose of the image is not to address race in America. Unfortunately, most of my liberal critics see our country through the lens of racism. What inspired this painting? Many Conservative Americans felt discouraged after the last presidential election. Some have even lost hope.
I feel that our goal should be to strengthen the family and our communities. We need to build our own circle of influence and trust in God. If we are to mend our nation or even save it, it will require the exercise of these five values. Why do you paint political paintings? I don’t see this as political so much as “patriotic.”
Most of my paintings are landscapes or of a religious nature, but I see America as a land blessed by God.
I believe in American Exceptionalism and the American Covenant.
To learn more of my views visit:

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