Mr. Marvin Morse served w/ 67th Armored Hell on Wheels


Mr. Marvin Morse served with the 67th Armored Division Hell on Wheels unit with the light tanks. Mr. Morse served from 1940-45. Mr. Morse passed away a year after being home from the war.

paulmrmarvinmorse67tharmored division badge

The 67th Armored Division Badge

paulandmrmorsewhose dad was a ww2 hell on wheels tank guy

Mr. Morse(Marvin Morse’s son) with WW2 Vet Paul Andert

paullighttankStuart_m5a1_cfb_borden (2)

Credit photo “Stuart m5a1 cfb borden”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia –

A light tank

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